Corporate Stays

There were times when travel for business was cumbersome and it had a lot to do with staying away from home. In today's day and time, it has become increasingly popular for companies to rent out furnished apartments for their executive given the number of advantages it has for themselves as well as their staff.

1) The biggest motivation for choosing a Furnished apartment for corporate stays instead of hotels is the likeliness it has to be at home. It is your own pad with everything you need to call it your home. A place where you can dine, cook and also lay down. Each in its own space and each in its own time. The staff productivity at work with definitely increases due to less physical aggressors which could hamper the entire reason business travel was required.

2) The cost Factor - It is Larger, better and IT COST the same or LESSER.  Yes, that is a very true fact. A simple computation of a hotel bill vs The corporate stays may not seem that different. But there is a huge hidden cost that hotels choose not to explain. Costs such as laundry, wifi, meals etc.. they quickly add up. A study conducted by two Pelican employees travelling to Australia for business showed the average cost of living in a furnished corporate rental home vs a hotel which cost the same on the booking engine in actual costed half that of a hotel. The meals itself added up to twice the cost of the actual hotel. Laundry bill for extended stays can run into a few hundred just in a weeks time. Staying for a month. Think again.

3) Its as easy to book. Just search the area, click the dates and reserve it. No waiting. Instant gratification.